Bastrop Cattle Company


510 Highway 304


Bastrop Cattle Company is a Farm located in Bastrop, TX. Learn more about Bastrop Cattle Company and check out their product list for farm fresh, local food.

Bastrop Cattle Company is dedicated to the promotion and sale of locally raised, grass-fed, free range beef. Their meat is raised by local family ranchers within a three-county area. They are private labeled which requires them to have a monitoring program in place on all participating ranches.
The monitoring program verifies to the state of Texas and to customers that calves are hormone and antibiotic free, humanely treated, grass-fed, and free range. Animals are processed at a state inspected facility and a USDA facility where EVERY animal is examined and observed throughout the process by an on-site inspector. The carcasses are dry aged and then cut, vacuum sealed and commercially hard frozen for sale. Call for an appointment to purchase beef or to schedule a walking tour of the ranch!