Lost Pines Art Bazaar


932 Main Street, Bastrop, TX and 603 Chestnut Street, Bastrop TX 78602


Lost Pines Art Bazaar offers a memorable mix of handpicked gifts and goods for the entire home. Our not-to-be-found-elsewhere collection features hand-knotted Persian rugs, global antiques, fine art, inspiring gifts, thoughtful decor and more. Let Lost Pines Art Bazaar help you write your home’s remarkable story.

Lost Pines Art Bazaar’s home décor and gifts can be found at 932 Main Street in Bastrop, Texas, located on the corner of Main and Chestnut, along with a curated selection oftheir rug collection and furniture.

The 603 Chestnut Street location behind the Main Street store will offer an expanded offering of rugs, Persian art, antique furniture and bronze sculptures. The beautiful carpets available at Lost Pines Art Bazaar are the end result of wool grown across many regions, colored using dyes derived from even broader landscapes and then intricately woven together by skilled artisans, oftentimes taking years of their lives before completion.

The Chestnut Street location is the drop off location for rug cleaning and restoration services. 

Each item available in the Lost Pines Art Bazaar collection brings a unique history melding the narrative of strangers into a single piece of art, a physical symbol of the beauty of peace and unity.