Radiant Mama Juice Bar


702 Main Street
Bastrop, TX 78602

(737) 206-3300

Now located at 702 Main Street in the heart of downtown Bastrop, Bastrop’s organic, superfood juice and smoothie bar offers deliciously fresh drinks, grab n’ go salads, nutritious snacks as well as a full holistic wellness store with skin care, herbal supplements and more!

Fresh juice and smoothies are a great way to get much of your body’s daily nutrient needs in one glass. Radiant Mama is focused on empowering and equipping women and their families with knowledge and quality products/services towards leading a healthy, more mindful lifestyle! With a degree in Wellness Science, Life and Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching certifications, and over 8 years in the wellness field – Danielle has a passion and application of health and wellness using fresh and organic foods.

The shop offers fresh cold pressed juices and smoothies made using organic, local and seasonal produce, superfood smoothies, organic elderberry syrups, CBD tinctures and balms, and natural body care.

Stay thirsty for what your body really craves!