Sanctuary Serengeti Animal Safari

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250 Plum Church Rd
La Grange, Texas 78945


Sanctuary Serengeti is a drive through safari located 13 miles east of Smithville TX that was created to provide a safe, open environment for a wide variety of animals from all over the world. An extended trail runs through the park with an option to drive through again and enjoy all the animals a second time free of charge. You can even feed the animals with special foods supplied by Sanctuary Serengeti.

Sanctuary Serengeti brings a unique adventure through the park where animals are allowed to roam as they please like they would in their natural habitats. Their goal is to not only give these animals a sanctuary for a safe and happy life, but also to educate the public and to share their love for animals and wildlife conservation.

Per person charge, but those aged 2 and younger are free. Please read the rules on their website before going.