Texas Reptile Zoo


FM 20, Bastrop, TX

A real Jurassic environment! Texas Reptile Zoo is an exhibit, education and behavioral research facility where patrons can view and learn about varied species of reptiles from around the world. Tours occur March through October in the warmer months, and must be booked in advance

The Zoo currently consists of:

  • Serpentarium: Zoo Entrance into Indoor exhibits consisting of snakes, sailfins, geckos, tree monitors. Gift Shop.
  • Herpetarium 1: An Open-Air immersion into a tropical climate with high temperatures and humidity. Species on exhibit include rock iguanas, monitors, and other lizards.
  • Herpetarium 2: Arid Zone – An Open-Air immersion into a dry climate with high temperatures and low humidity. Species on exhibit include Various Uromastyx, Snakes, Other Lizards.
  • Outdoors: Desert Exhibit, Turtle pond, Tortoises, Crocodilians, Texas Waterways
  • Depending on the season and weather, the TRZ has the following featured feeding shows: Water monitor, Rock monitors, Croc Monitor, Crocodilians, Uromastyx.

Please see website for admission rates, directions, rules and hours. Social media also has updates on activities.