Posted on April 2, 2020

In an effort to help our Bastrop County-based readers feel more connected during these tough times, we’ve thought up something fun called “My Bastrop County Window.”

My Bastrop County Window: Community Photo Submissions

Because looking out your own window or deep into the eyes of your partner can get boring, we wanted to give you a chance to share photos from your view in Bastrop County. And when we get enough submissions, we’ll share them all in a post!

Here’s How to Join

Take a photo of Bastrop County from your house, street, or immediate area as many of us are currently in a shelter-in-place situation. Bonus points if there’s a cool view from yours. We’re asking that you NOT make a special trip for this.

See participating rules below.

My Bastrop County Window
If you would like to participate, please read the full rules here and only submit if you agree to all of them.

1) All photos will be captioned with your first name and location only. No last names or other information will be featured.

Note: If you are a photographer and/or would like your Instagram, Facebook, or website credited, we will allow this but it might give away more personal information about your location that you may not want to be shared.

2) Photos that may give away private information, such as house numbers/street names, individual houses on residential blocks, and the like will not be featured. We are valuing privacy here over all others and will use our discretion if we think an image is giving too much information away.

3) You must have taken the photo yourself and give us permission to share it in an article. We will not use your photo in any other way.

4) Not all photos submitted will be used in the article. We are looking for unique ways to share Bastrop Couty and would love to see an assortment of locations. Smithville, Bastrop, and Elgin. Show us how beautiful our county is from your perspective.

5) We’d like this to be a current photo. Today, look out your window and show us how beautiful the world is.

6) To respect your privacy, we ask that there not be any people in your photo. We also will not post any photos that do not adhere to the social distancing guidelines in place.

By submitting this form, you must agree to these points. If you have any concerns, please do not participate or get in touch at Adena.Lewis@co.bastrop.tx.us.

When this article goes live it will be posted on www.explorebastropcounty.com and we will be promoting it on our Facebook, www.facebook.com/explorebastropcounty

NOTE: We are not advocating mass travel during this time, but we do want to continue to support the incredible businesses and destinations that make Bastrop County such an amazing community.  Please virtually travel with us through our articles and plan your visits for when it is safe to do so.