Posted on February 16, 2018

Dinosaur statue of a T-Rex

Dinosaur Park
893 Union Chapel Road
Cedar Creek, Texas 78612
Phone: 512-321-6262
For more information visit

People often ask what inspired the owners to build The Dinosaur Park in Cedar Creek, so here’s their story….

We are a small, family-owned business with two children who REALLY love dinosaurs! In 2002, when our three-year-old son developed an interest in dinosaurs, we looked for a place to visit that would be educational, yet fun and enjoyable.

Over the years, his interest turned into a passion so intense that even our younger daughter became intrigued. Soon, the whole family was often discussing dinosaur topics, watching documentaries, doing dino crafts, searching the internet, reading books and playing dinosaur games! We found some great museums, with dinosaur skeletons on display, but we wanted a place where dinosaurs appeared to be in their own natural environment, along with a place where kids could run and play! When we couldn’t find such a place, we decided to build The Dinosaur Park for our children — and for yours, too!

Enjoy Our Friendly Dinosaurs!

  • DINOSAUR TRAIL – Walk through our nature trails and see life-size dinosaur replicas. You may also see wild rabbits, lizards, roadrunners along the way!
  • PLAN A PICNIC – Picnic areas for available for your use at no cost on a first-come basis. You may bring food items. No glass containers are alcoholic beverages are allowed.
  • DINO DIG – Have fun uncovering “fossils” in the sand!
  • I-SPY-A-SAURUS – Pick up a check list at the trail entry (or use online version which has images), then look for dinosaur footprint clues to help you find hidden items throughout the trails.
  • A DINO-SIZE ACTIVITY – Use the color-coded shapes to see the length of some dinosaurs, including the longest dinosaur yet discovered, the 150-foot Seismosaurus!
  • PICTURE PALS – Step up to take a family pic where photo opportunities are allowed.