Lily Oaks

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189 Fohn Rd
Red Rock, TX 78662

Lily Oaks is a flexible outdoor space located on a 100-year-old farm in Rockne, Texas between Bastrop and Lockhart. The original farmhouse, 2 century oak trees, and the windmill create an authentic ambiance for the wedding of your dreams. The Sanctuary, a stately open-air chapel, provides the perfect focal point for a large wedding or can comfortably house an intimate ceremony.

Lily Oaks is a unique wedding and event venue located on a small farm that has been owned by the same family for over 100 years. The flexible space is ideal for small gatherings but can be scaled to host hundreds of guests. The farm features the original farmhouse and two massive oak trees which provide spectacular, rustic photo opportunities.

The Sanctuary is a large, open-air chapel that combines the charm of a country farmhouse with the beauty of the ancient cathedrals. The space can be modified to accommodate both religious and non-religious ceremonies. State of the art lighting can match any theme or style. This space serves as a stunning framing and focal point for larger weddings but can also house intimate ceremonies.

Lily Oaks is proud to be an inclusive wedding venue and welcomes all couples.

189 Fohn Rd, Red Rock, TX 78662