Toads in Town Hunt


904 Main Street
Bastrop, Texas 78602

(512) 303-0904

Complete the Toads in Town scavenger hunt for a great family-friendly adventure. See if you can spot these fun little creatures and help tell their story in this special family-friendly hunt.

Stop by the Visitor Center & Museum of BCHS in Bastrop to get your free “Toads in Town” brochure. Then find each toad sculpture in downtown Bastrop and write something about what you think their story is. What are they doing? Where do they live? What adventure are they having? After you have found each one and written a piece of their story, return to the Visitor Center and claim a small token of our thanks for adding to the project to write a book about the toads.

There are 8 toads throughout the downtown area. Can you find them all?

Toads in Town is a Bronze Sculpture Series created by Clint Howard and Deep in the Heart Art Foundry. The Lost Pines Region near Bastrop is the home of the endangered Houston Toad.