Posted on November 2, 2017

Smithville is known for being “Film Friendly,” with numerous movies from Hope Floats to Tree of Life making use of its charming downtown and pristine neighborhoods. In the 1998 romantic drama, Hope Floats, Birdee Pruitt, played by Sandra Bullock, stands back as her daughter, Bernice, played by Mae Whitman, begs her father not to leave her behind. (Click to view the scene.) Harry Connick Jr. played Justin Matisse, Birdee’s love interest.

Dad and daughter talking in front of Hope Floats House

Click here to learn more about the making of the movie.

This neoclassical-style house at the end of Olive Street was built for J. H. McCollum in 1908. McCollum was the local undertaker and buggy and carriage maker, and he had a large store on Main Street. In 1917, Dr. Phillip Chapman, along with his wife, Mamie Trousdale Chapman, purchased the home. It now belongs to her grandnephew. Click here to watch the movie, “Hope Floats.”

Smithville Tour of Homes will view five historic homes and a beautiful church. Cost of the tour is $10/person. Email Smithville Garden Club at smithvillehometour@gmail.com or get your tickets on Main Street on the day of the event.

Pair this wonderful treat with the Airing of the Quilts event whereby you’ll see quilts cascading from store windows and displayed throughout Smithville’s historic district including the Smithville Stitcher’s Quilt Guild’s Quilt Show at the Smithville Church of Christ. (The photo above was taken during the 2015 event.)

Some of the residents call the Airing of the Quilts their happiest day in their hometown. It really does bring one joy to see these homemade quilts blowing in the gentle breeze on a crisp, fall day.

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