Elgin Christmas Tree Farm


120 Natures Way, Elgin, TX


The Elgin Christmas Tree Farm offers lots of fun in the fall for all ages and that fits any budget. Check out their calendar to see what is happening the day you want to visit. They open at 10:00 am Monday thru Saturday and Noon on Sundays.

How the Elgin Christmas Tree Farm came to be what it is today.

In 1984 Bill and Kaye Walton (Grandma and Grandpa) planted their first Christmas Trees on their land at 120 Natures Way, Elgin Texas.  Three years later in 1987 they sold their first crop of Christmas Trees (around 50 trees that year).  Grandma Kaye fondly remembers the first year she was able to give “first fruits” back to the Lord.  It was a joy the pick the “Best” tree in the field to put up in Immanuel Lutheran Church in Pflugerville.  For 18 years while their daughters went out into the world to find careers, husbands and grow families they continued to work and pray as the farm and their family grew and grew.  They kept the Lord in front of their family and business as they continued to be blessed in both areas.  In 2002 when their oldest daughter Twyla and her family began proceedings to buy the farm/business, the farm had around 35,000 trees growing and was selling over 4000 trees a season.  It was a joy to see families return year after year to continue the family tradition they shared with the Waltons.

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